Seed You Can Trust

Real Seeds have been producing seed for a number of years and pride themselves on their reputation for excellent seed quality.

They only send out really good seed; they are gardeners know the frustration that poor seed could cause.

Registered with DEFRA: all the seed is grown, dried and stored professionally

Seed You Can Save Yourself

All the varieties are real, open-pollinated seed (non-hybrid), so you can save your own seed for the future, using instructions they supply.

They only supply Real, Open Pollinated seed.
Here’s why:
Real Seed breeds true, so you can save your own seed.
But that’s not the only reason . . . real vegetable seed is better:
They will not knowingly have anything to do with genetically modified seeds

They pack a lot of their seed by hand, but we also pack a lot using our two “Brown Bag Filling Machines” dating back to the 1890’s. 

These incredible devices have been packing seeds ever since.