Petunia Tumbelina ® Priscilla


Petunia Tumbelina® Priscilla



The TUMBELINA® family of double flowered hanging petunias in many colours
An abundance of cascading rosettes all summer long
Perfect for baskets, patio pots,balcony boxes…
Easy to grow
Always showy … whatever the weather!
Some are delightfully scented – look on the label for Fragrant
Bred and developed in England
The TUMBELINA® sisters make super planting partners


Plant in hanging baskets, patio pots, containers, balcony boxes…
1 plants in 20cm dia. container
3 plants in 25cm dia. container
5 plants in 30cm dia. container
Use a quality compost like West+ or Miracle-Gro
Add slow release fertiliser tablets
The more sun the better!
Water 1x a day when it is warm, every 2 days when cooler
Grower’s-Tip: Use liquid feed at least 1x a week
Grower’s-Tip: If you get a moment, remove dead flowers.

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