1 Daily (Check Days)Regular Food and Produce Events (Monthly, Weekly etc)Events
2 WeeklyRegular Food and Produce Events (Monthly, Weekly etc)Events
3 MonthlyRegular Food and Produce Events (Monthly, Weekly etc)Events
4 Other Times (Check Days)Regular Food and Produce Events (Monthly, Weekly etc)Events
A Fruit TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
A General Vegetable SalesVegetables by nameGrower
A HerbsHerbsGrower
A Herbs (Plants)HerbsGrower
A Ornamental Plants (Various)Ornamental PlantsGrower
A Ornamental ShrubsOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
A Ornamental TreesOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
A Pot Plants (All)Pot PlantsGrower
A Soft Fruit Plants/BushesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
A Vegetable PlantsVegetable PlantsGrower
A Wine (English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish)Juice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
A with plant centreOpen GardensEvents
AbutilonsOrnamental PlantsGrower
AcanthusOrnamental PlantsGrower
AcersOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
AgapantusOrnamental PlantsGrower
AlceasOrnamental PlantsGrower
All Christmas Tree SuppliersChristmas TreesGrower
All types of Cut FlowerCut FlowersGrower
All types of FruitFruits by nameGrower
All types of Soft FruitFruits by nameGrower
Almond TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
AlpinesOrnamental PlantsGrower
AlstroemeriaCut FlowersGrower
AlstroemeriaOrnamental PlantsGrower
AmaroDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
Apple JuiceJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Apple JuiceDrinks (Soft)Enterprises
Apple SyrupJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Apple TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Apple Trees (Cider)Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
ApplesFruits by nameGrower
ApricotsFruits by nameGrower
Aquatic PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Architectural PlantsOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Aronia BerriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
AsparagusVegetables by nameGrower
Asparagus CrownsVegetable PlantsGrower
AstersOrnamental PlantsGrower
AuberginesVegetables by nameGrower
AuriculasOrnamental PlantsGrower
AzaleaOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Baby VegVegetables by nameGrower
Balsamic VinegarJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
BamboosOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
BananasOrnamental PlantsGrower
Bare RootOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
BarleyField CropsGrower
BarleyField CropsGrower
BeansField CropsGrower
BeansField CropsGrower
Beans (Various Dried)Unusual CropsGrower
Bedding PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
BeerDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
Beer and Horseradish SauceCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
BeeswaxDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
BeetrootVegetables by nameGrower
BegoniaPot PlantsGrower
BegoniasOrnamental PlantsGrower
Beth Chattos’s Plants & GardensOpen GardensEvents
BetuliaPot PlantsGrower
Bide-A-Wee Cottage GardensOpen GardensEvents
Biodynamic cropsUnusual CropsGrower
BlackberriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
BlackberriesFruits by nameGrower
BlackcurrantsFruits by nameGrower
BlueberriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
BlueberriesFruits by nameGrower
Bog PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
BonsaiOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
BrassicasVegetables by nameGrower
Bread (Heritage Grain)BreadEnterprises
British Cut FlowersFloristEnterprises
British NativeOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Broad BeansVegetables by nameGrower
BroccoliVegetables by nameGrower
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting)Vegetables by nameGrower
Broccoli (Sprouting)Vegetables by nameGrower
Brocoli (Tender Stem)Vegetables by nameGrower
Brussels SproutsVegetables by nameGrower
BuddlejaOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
BulbsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
BurgmansiaOrnamental PlantsGrower
Butterfly Cottage Garden PlantsOpen GardensEvents
CabbageVegetables by nameGrower
Cabbage (Savoy)Vegetables by nameGrower
Cabbage (Sweetheart)Vegetables by nameGrower
Cabbage (White)Vegetables by nameGrower
Cacti and SucculentsPot PlantsGrower
CafeType of Food EstablishmentPlaces to Eat
Cala LiliesPot PlantsGrower
CalabreseVegetables by nameGrower
CallaOrnamental PlantsGrower
Calvolo NeroVegetables by nameGrower
CamelliaOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
CAMERA listed InnType of Food EstablishmentPlaces to Eat
CampanulasOrnamental PlantsGrower
CannabisUnusual CropsGrower
CannasOrnamental PlantsGrower
CarnationsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Carnivorous PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Carnivorous PlantsPot PlantsGrower
CarrotVegetables by nameGrower
CassisJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
CauliflowerVegetables by nameGrower
CerealsField CropsGrower
CerealsField CropsGrower
CharcoalTimber ProductsEnterprises
CherriesFruits by nameGrower
Cherry TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Cherry Trees (Ornamental)Ornamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Chia SeedUnusual CropsGrower
Chilli PeppersVegetables by nameGrower
Chilli PlantsVegetable PlantsGrower
Chilli ProductsCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Chipwood & ParticlesTimber ProductsEnterprises
Christmas SundriesChristmas TreesGrower
Christmas Tree RentalChristmas TreesGrower
Christmas Trees (Wholesale )Christmas TreesGrower
Christmas WreathsChristmas TreesGrower
ChrysanthemumsOrnamental PlantsGrower
ChrysanthemumsPot PlantsGrower
Chuckleberry BushesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
ChutneyCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
CiderJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Cider and PerryFarm Gate SalesGrower
Cider ApplesField CropsGrower
Cider ApplesField CropsGrower
Cider BrandyJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Classic English Herb DressingCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Classic MayonnaiseCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
ClematisOrnamental PlantsGrower
ClimbersOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Climbing PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
CliviaOrnamental PlantsGrower
Coastal PlantsOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Cobnut (Filbert) BushesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Cobnut OilCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Cobnuts (Filberts) and Nut ProductsUnusual CropsGrower
ColeusOrnamental PlantsGrower
CompostSundries and ServicesGrower
ConfettiUnusual CropsGrower
ConifersOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Conserves (Savoury)Condiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Conserves (Sweet)ConfectioneryEnterprises
Cooking DemonstrationsDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
CordialsDrinks (Soft)Enterprises
Coriander SeedUnusual CropsGrower
CornusOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Corporate CateringDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Coton Manor GardenOpen GardensEvents
CourgettesVegetables by nameGrower
CoursesSundries and ServicesGrower
CranberriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
CressVegetables by nameGrower
CrispsFare (Savoury)Enterprises
Crisps (Potato)Fare (Savoury)Enterprises
Crisps (Vegetable)Fare (Savoury)Enterprises
CucumbersVegetables by nameGrower
Curly KaleVegetables by nameGrower
Currant Bushes (Black)Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Currant Bushes (Pink))Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Currant Bushes (Red)Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Currant Bushes (White)Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Cut FlowersFarm Gate SalesGrower
Cut Flowers (English, Welsh Scottish, Irish)Cut FlowersGrower
Cut your own Christmas TreesChristmas TreesGrower
CuttingsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Dahlia PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Dahlia TubersTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Dairy FreeVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
Dairy Free OptionsVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
Damson TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Decorative PlantersDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Decorative PotsSundries and ServicesGrower
DelphiniumsOrnamental PlantsGrower
DianthusOrnamental PlantsGrower
DressingsCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Edible Cut FlowersFloristEnterprises
Edible FlowersUnusual CropsGrower
Edible PlantsUnusual CropsGrower
Elderberry PortDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
English Cut FlowersFloristEnterprises
English Fruit WineDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
English Varieties (Welsh, Scottish, Irish)Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Event CateringDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Event FloristryFloristEnterprises
Exotic MushroomsMushroomsGrower
Farm ShopFruit & Veg SalesEnterprises
Farmed MushroomsMushroomsGrower
Farmers MarketRegular Food and Produce Events (Monthly, Weekly etc)Events
Fennel (Dried)HerbsGrower
FernsOrnamental PlantsGrower
FestivalYearly Events (Shows, Food Festivals etc)Events
Field Crop SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
FigsFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
FirewoodTimber ProductsEnterprises
FlourDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Flower BulbsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Flower SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Food FestivalYearly Events (Shows, Food Festivals etc)Events
FoxglovesOrnamental PlantsGrower
French BeansVegetables by nameGrower
Fresh ProduceFarm Gate SalesGrower
Fresh VegetablesVegetables by nameGrower
Fruit PureesConfectioneryEnterprises
Fruit WinesJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
FuchsiaOrnamental PlantsGrower
FuchsiaPot PlantsGrower
Fuchsia (Cape)Ornamental PlantsGrower
Gage TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Garden centre (All)Garden CentreGrower
Garden DesignSundries and ServicesGrower
Garden Equipment MuseumSundries and ServicesGrower
GardeniasOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
GarlicVegetables by nameGrower
Garlic OilCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
GeraniumsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Geraniums (Hardy)Ornamental PlantsGrower
Geraniums (Scented)Ornamental PlantsGrower
GinJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
GinDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
GingersOrnamental PlantsGrower
Glasshouses & ShedsSundries and ServicesGrower
Gluten Free OptionsVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
GojiberriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
GooseberriesFruits by nameGrower
Gooseberry BushesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Grape BrandyJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Grape VinesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Grapes (Wine)Fruits by nameGrower
GrassesOrnamental PlantsGrower
Great Dixter House and GardensOpen GardensEvents
Green CabbageVegetables by nameGrower
Green Roofs and Living WallsOrnamental PlantsGrower
GreengrocerFruit & Veg SalesEnterprises
Growing CressesVegetables by nameGrower
Growing on PlantsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Growing PetiteVegetables by nameGrower
HamamelisOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Hanging BasketsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Hardy GeraniumsOrnamental PlantsGrower
HeathersOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
HederasOrnamental PlantsGrower
Hedging PlantsOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
HelleboresOrnamental PlantsGrower
Hemp ProductsUnusual CropsGrower
Herbaceous PerennialsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Herbal ProductsDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Heritage GrainsField CropsGrower
Heritage GrainsField CropsGrower
Heritage VarietiesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Heritage VarietiesOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Heritage VarietiesTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Heritage VarietiesVegetables by nameGrower
HeucheraOrnamental PlantsGrower
Historical FoodDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
HollysOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
HoneyberriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Hop GarlandsCut FlowersGrower
HopsField CropsGrower
HopsField CropsGrower
HostasOrnamental PlantsGrower
HotelType of Food EstablishmentPlaces to Eat
House PlantsPot PlantsGrower
HummusCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Hybrid BerriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
ImpatiensOrnamental PlantsGrower
InnType of Food EstablishmentPlaces to Eat
IrisOrnamental PlantsGrower
Iris TubersTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Josta BerriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Keyneston MillOpen GardensEvents
King John’s NurseryOpen GardensEvents
KiwiFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
LapageriaOrnamental PlantsGrower
LavenderOrnamental PlantsGrower
Lavender ProductsDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
LeeksVegetables by nameGrower
Lemon Verbena (Dried)HerbsGrower
Lentil & Nut WellingtonsFare (Savoury)Enterprises
LentilsUnusual CropsGrower
Leonardslee Lakes & GardensOpen GardensEvents
LettuceVegetables by nameGrower
LilacOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
LiliesCut FlowersGrower
LinseedField CropsGrower
LinseedField CropsGrower
LiqueurJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Liqueur from Local UK FruitDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
Liquorice PlantsVegetable PlantsGrower
LupinsOrnamental PlantsGrower
MagnoliaOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
MaizeField CropsGrower
MaizeField CropsGrower
Manufactured Timber ItemsTimber ProductsEnterprises
MaplesOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Marchants Garden & NurseryOpen GardensEvents
Marigold Flowers (Dried)Unusual CropsGrower
MeadJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Meadow PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Meadow SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Mediterranean PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
MerrimentsOpen GardensEvents
Metal ProductsSundries and ServicesGrower
Micro HerbsHerbsGrower
Micro LeavesVegetables by nameGrower
Mini OrchidsPot PlantsGrower
MistletoeUnusual CropsGrower
Mistletoe TreesUnusual CropsGrower
Monty DonOpen GardensEvents
Native PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
NPC AcanthusPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC AgapanthusPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC AlceasPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC Anemone nemorosaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC AstilbePlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC CamassiaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC Clematis viticellaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC CliviaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC CrocosmiaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC FoxglovePlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC Fragaria vescaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HakonechloaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HamamelisPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HederaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HelleboresPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HeucheraPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HeucherellaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC HostasPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC LavenderPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC Michaelmas DaisiesPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC NerinesPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC PelargoniumsPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC Polemonium, Collomia and Gilia (Polemoniaceae)Plant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC SanguisorbaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC SantolinaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC SarraceniaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC SidalceaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC Symphyotrichum novae-angliaePlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC TiarellaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC TulbaghiaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC UvulariaPlant Heritage CollectionsGrower
NPC WillowsPlant Heritage Collections Grower
Nut TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
OatsField CropsGrower
OatsField CropsGrower
Oilseed RapeField CropsGrower
Oilseed RapeField CropsGrower
OlivesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
OnionVegetables by nameGrower
Opium PoppiesUnusual CropsGrower
OrchidsOrnamental PlantsGrower
OrchidsPot PlantsGrower
OrganicChristmas TreesGrower
OrganicCut FlowersGrower
OrganicFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
OrganicJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
OrganicOrnamental PlantsGrower
OrganicTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
OrganicUnusual CropsGrower
OrganicDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
OrganicVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
Organic (All)Vegetables by nameGrower
Organic (Some)Vegetables by nameGrower
Organically Grown FlowersFloristEnterprises
Outdoor Timber(Treated etc)Timber ProductsEnterprises
Pallets and BinsTimber ProductsEnterprises
PalmsOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
PansiesOrnamental PlantsGrower
Parham House & GardensOpen GardensEvents
ParsleyVegetables by nameGrower
ParsnipVegetables by nameGrower
Passion Flower SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Passion FlowersOrnamental PlantsGrower
Pate (Vegetable)Condiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Pear JuiceJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
Pear TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Pear Trees (Perry)Fruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
PearsFruits by nameGrower
PeasField CropsGrower
PeasField CropsGrower
PeasVegetables by nameGrower
Peas (Various Dried)Unusual CropsGrower
Peat FreeOrnamental PlantsGrower
PelargoniumsOrnamental PlantsGrower
PelargoniumsPot PlantsGrower
PenstemonOrnamental PlantsGrower
PeoniesOrnamental PlantsGrower
Peppered Watercress DressingCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
PeppersVegetables by nameGrower
Perennial VegetablesUnusual CropsGrower
PerennialsOrnamental PlantsGrower
PerryJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
PetuniasOrnamental PlantsGrower
Pick Your Own PumpkinsPick Your OwnGrower
Pick Your Own Soft FruitPick Your OwnGrower
PicklesCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
PinksOrnamental PlantsGrower
Planed Timber, Board etcTimber ProductsEnterprises
Plant FairYearly Events (Shows, Food Festivals etc)Events
Plants to Encourage WildlifeOrnamental PlantsGrower
Plantsmans PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
PlugsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Plum TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
PlumsFruits by nameGrower
Pond PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Potato (All types)Vegetables by nameGrower
Potato (Early)Vegetables by nameGrower
Potato (Jersey Royal)Vegetables by nameGrower
Potato (Maincrop)Vegetables by nameGrower
Potato tubersTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Potted or Container Grown TreesChristmas TreesGrower
PrimrosesOrnamental PlantsGrower
PrimulasOrnamental PlantsGrower
Private CateringDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
ProteasOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
PumpkinVegetables by nameGrower
QuicheFare (Savoury)Enterprises
QuinceFruits by nameGrower
Quince and Cider Vinegar DressingCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
Quince TreesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
QuinoaUnusual CropsGrower
QuinoaVegetables by nameGrower
Rapeseed OilVegetables by nameGrower
Rare PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Rare Trees and ShrubsOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
RaspberriesFruits by nameGrower
Raspberry CanesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Red CabbageVegetables by nameGrower
RedcurrentsFruits by nameGrower
RelishCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
RestaurantType of Food EstablishmentPlaces to Eat
RhododendronOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
RhubarbFruits by nameGrower
Rhubarb PlantsFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
RomanescoVegetables by nameGrower
Rosehip CutDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
RosemaryOrnamental PlantsGrower
RosesOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
RosesPot PlantsGrower
Runner BeansVegetables by nameGrower
SaffronUnusual CropsGrower
Saffron ProductsUnusual CropsGrower
Salad CropsVegetables by nameGrower
Salty FingersUnusual CropsGrower
SalviasOrnamental PlantsGrower
SamphireUnusual CropsGrower
SamphireVegetables by nameGrower
Samphire PlantsVegetable PlantsGrower
Saskatoon BerriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
SaucesCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
SaxifragesOrnamental PlantsGrower
SedumCut FlowersGrower
Seedling Christmas TreesChristmas TreesGrower
SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Semi-Candied AppleConfectioneryEnterprises
Shade PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Sherborne CastleOpen GardensEvents
ShowYearly Events (Shows, Food Festivals etc)Events
Show (Flower)Yearly Events (Shows, Food Festivals etc)Events
Show (Horticultural)Yearly Events (Shows, Food Festivals etc)Events
SnowdropsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
SorghumUnusual CropsGrower
South Down Heritage CentreSundries and ServicesGrower
Speciality Fruit FillingsConfectioneryEnterprises
Specimen Christmas TreesChristmas TreesGrower
Specimen Tree InstallationSundries and ServicesGrower
Specimen TreesOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower
Spring GreensVegetables by nameGrower
Stocks (Scented)Cut FlowersGrower
StrawberriesFruits by nameGrower
Strawberry PlantsFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
Sub Tropical PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
SucculentsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Sugar BeetField CropsGrower
Sugar BeetField CropsGrower
SundriesSundries and ServicesGrower
SwedeVegetables by nameGrower
Sweet Balloon BerriesFruit Trees, Bushes & PlantsGrower
SweetcornVegetables by nameGrower
Sweetpea PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Sweetpea SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
SweetpeasCut FlowersGrower
SyringaOrnamental PlantsGrower
Talks and DemonstrationsDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Talks and LecturesSundries and ServicesGrower
TeaUnusual CropsGrower
Tea (Hemp)Unusual CropsGrower
Tea (Lemon Balm)Unusual CropsGrower
Tea (Nettle)Unusual CropsGrower
Tender LeafVegetables by nameGrower
The Laskett GardensOpen GardensEvents
Timber ServicesTimber ProductsEnterprises
Tomato PlantsVegetable PlantsGrower
TomatoesVegetables by nameGrower
TopiaryUnusual CropsGrower
TriticaleField CropsGrower
TriticaleField CropsGrower
TubersTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
TulbaghiaOrnamental PlantsGrower
TulipsCut FlowersGrower
TurfTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Unusual PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
V Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)Christmas TreesGrower
V Blue Spruce (Picea pungens)Christmas TreesGrower
V Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)Christmas TreesGrower
V Engleman’s Spruce (Picea engelmannii)Christmas TreesGrower
V Ernest’s Fir (Abies recurvata ernestii)Christmas TreesGrower
V Fraiser Fir (Abies fraseri)Christmas TreesGrower
V Korean Fir (Abies koreana)Christmas TreesGrower
V Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta)Christmas TreesGrower
V Meyer’s Spruce (Picea meyer)Christmas TreesGrower
V Nobel Fir (Abies procera)Christmas TreesGrower
V Nordman Fir (Abies nordmanniana)Christmas TreesGrower
V Norway Spruce (Picea abies)Christmas TreesGrower
V Rocky Mountain Fir (Abies lasiocarpa)Christmas TreesGrower
V Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)Christmas TreesGrower
V Serbian Spruce (Picea omorika)Christmas TreesGrower
VeganJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
VeganVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
Vegan OptionsVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
Vegetable SeedsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
VegetarianVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
Vegetarian OptionsVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
VermouthDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
VinegarsCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
ViolasOrnamental PlantsGrower
VodkaJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
VodkaDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
WasabiUnusual CropsGrower
WasabiVegetables by nameGrower
Wasabi PlantsTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
Wasabi ProductsCondiments, Dressings, Sauces etcEnterprises
WatercressVegetables by nameGrower
WaterliliesOrnamental PlantsGrower
Waterperry GardensOpen GardensEvents
Waterside PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Wedding CateringDiverse Associated ProductsEnterprises
Wedding FlowersFloristEnterprises
Welsh WineDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
WheatField CropsGrower
WheatField CropsGrower
Wheat Free OptionsVegan, Vegetarian & Special DietsPlaces to Eat
WhiskyJuice, Cider, Wine and Drinks etcGrower
WhiskyDrinks (Alcoholic)Enterprises
Wild Garlic Powder (Dried)HerbsGrower
Wild MushroomsMushroomsGrower
Wildflower SeedTubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and CuttingsGrower
WildflowersOrnamental PlantsGrower
Willow PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Willow Rods/Whips/Sets Tubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and Cuttings Grower
Willow (Cricket Bat) Sets Tubers, Seeds, Bulbs, Corms and Cuttings Grower
with accommodationType of Food EstablishmentPlaces to Eat
with Aquatic PlantsGarden CentreGrower
with CafeGarden CentreGrower
with Farm ShopGarden CentreGrower
with FloristGarden CentreGrower
with GardenGarden CentreGrower
with Plant CentreGarden CentreGrower
with RestaurantGarden CentreGrower
Wooden Boxes, Pallets and BinsSundries and ServicesGrower
Woodland PerennialsOrnamental PlantsGrower
Young PlantsOrnamental PlantsGrower
YuccasOrnamental Trees and ShrubsGrower