Apple Bardsey Island

Bardsey Island Apple


Bardsey Island apple trees produce early-mid season eating apples that are also pretty good for cooking.

Apple Bardsey is the ‘sainted’ apple which was found on Bardsey Island, off the west coast of Wales. This pink over cream skinned crisp apple has an extraodinary lemon scent and has a fine refreshing flavour. Also pleasant for eating fresh, can be juiced and cooks well to a sweet puree. A very attractive garden apple variety that looks especially stunning in the spring with it’s light pink blossom and a good variety to plant in challenging areas accross the UK as it’s very hardy.


Found growing wild on the island of Bardsey (Welsh name Ynys Enlli) in 1998 by Andy Clarke. Introduced by nurseryman Ian Sturrock who sent them to the UK National Fruit Collection where they were identified as a unique variety and ‘The rarest tree in the world’.

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Usually grown on M26 or M106

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