Tenby Daffodil


Narcissus obvallaris



A native daffodil and now considered a sub-species of N.pseudonarcissus, this is excellent for naturalising.
Found locally and uniquely near Tenby in Dyfed, it is an attractive little golden daffodil and emblem of Wales.
Easy to grow and undemanding it reaches only 20-30cm (8-12) and flowers in March

Narcissus are bulbous herbaceous perennials with linear leaves and leafless stems bearing flowers, which may be solitary or in umbels, with 6 spreading perianth segments and a cup or trumpet-shaped corona
N. obvallaris is a bulbous perennial to 30cm tall, with glaucous, strap-shaped leaves and solitary bright yellow flowers with flared trumpets and slightly paler perianth segments, opening in early spring
Plant range
Wales (Pembs Carms Cards)

How to grow
Plant at one and a half to two times its own depth in autumn. Will tolerate most soils but prefers moderately fertile, well-drained soil that is constantly moist during the growing season. Excellent for naturalising
Propagate by removing offsets as the leaves fade in early summer
Suggested planting locations and garden types
Banks and Slopes Flower borders and beds City & Courtyard Gardens Coastal Cottage & Informal Garden Patio & Container Plants Wildflower meadow



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