The Buttons and what they mean
Grown in the UK Top Buttons 1
These Navigate you to the category search page.
Grown in the UK More Information2 This expands the information about the company and gives contact information and a resume.
 The buttons below are in the page after using the MORE INFORMATION Button
This takes you to the website of the company.
This takes you to Google maps and an exact location.
This takes you directly to the Online Shop.
This takes you to the Facebook page of the company.
This takes you to their Twitter page
This takes you to their Pinterest page
This takes you to the Blog from the company
A You Tube presentation from the company
Instagram pictures
Takes you to a BBC food recipe
Anything below this is information only and the buttons do not work.
This Garden Center grows some of its items for sale.
The grower actively encourages wildlife and is caring about the environment
The Company tries to be as “Green” as possible
The Company sells to the Trade as well as the public
The Company only sells to the Trade
The Company will deliver either with its own vehicles or carrier
The Company exports to the whole world
The Company exports the the EU
The Company uses as much local produce as possible.
The product is Organic
This Establishment has a Vegetarian Menu.
This Establishment has a Vegan Menu.
This Enterprise uses Commonwealth products.   https://thecommonwealth.org/member-countries
Member of Herefordshire Horticultural Hub
Member of Gloucestershire Orchard Trust
Welsh Vineyards Association Member
Wine GB member
Grown in the UK Plant Search 1 This takes you to the R.H.S. website search page where you can enter the name of a plant and it shows the Nurseries that stock it which are in their database.
Grown in the UK QR 1  This is a QR code for the page and by using an app you can go directly to the page on your phone.